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Making payments card-free



Get paid quicker



Improve your cashflow



Reduce your costs



Reduce fraud

fumopay is an innovative secure, card-free payment platform built entirely on open banking that allows account-to-account payments for consumers and businesses to pay, or get paid.


With fumopay you can take payments or pay via QR code or through the app when shopping online or instore without the need to carry a debit/credit card or share bank account or card details.

Whether you take payments or make payments,

it’s the safest and fastest way to get paid!


Making payments easier…for all


fumopay is an end-to-end open banking payment platform that provides instant account-to-account for businesses. It replaces card payments (and saves associated processing fees). Unlike many of our competitors, fumopay does not rely on 3rd party services - we securely manage payments directly with your bank.

Looking for an easier, safer, faster, cheaper to get paid, whether online, in-store, in-app, by-QR, by-link, by-invoice or recurring, please contact our business team today.


The fumo consumer app is a free to use app that works directly with your bank app. It's the perfect payment partner to organise your life when it comes to borrowing, sharing, splitting and paying bills with friends, family and groups. Track exactly who owes what, when you’ll be paid, or give them a nudge as a reminder.

No need for cards or sharing of bank data, fumo is an easier, safer, faster, cheaper way to pay or get paid, Download today.

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What our customers are saying...

"Easy to use, quick payments and I can see the money instantly in my account"




Need more info?

Check our FAQs or call us today, we’d love to chat to you: +44 (0)1908 470876

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