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Do you miss collecting cash donations?

fumopay is the digital version of a cash collection; no endless forms, just immediate settlement, no hidden costs and 100% of the donation reaching those in need. Let us explain…..


In our ever-deepening cashless society, collecting much needed donations is even more of a challenge, with digital options really only consisting of clunky, expensive and laborious online funding platforms.

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At fumopay we’ve  revolutionised the donation process; making it easier, cheaper and much more rewarding for everyone involved.
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You can accept a donation anywhere, even whilst your fundraisers are doing a PB on their 5k charity run!


Charities can generate their unique QR code on the fumopay app and can take instant payments, it can be placed on a racing bib, a banner or a bucket. It’s not a ‘redirect to register’ to a laborious funding website that requires the donor to share their data and even pay for the ‘privilege’. 

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100% Behind Your Charity

fumopay is fast and effective and ensures 100% of the donation is received immediately. Enjoy unlimited transactions with 0% fees for a one off payment of £48 per year

0% fees per transaction

Every penny counts...

Let’s work together to get all the donated pennies to those in need.


Download the fumo app...!

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