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A how-to for your business

Our videos below provide some helpful fumo hints and tips for your fumo experience!

  • What is fumopay?
    fumopay is an innovative secure, card-free payment platform and app built entirely on open banking that allows merchants to request and consumers to instantly pay bills without the need for card processing. fumo can be set-up for online payments, used in-store via QR codes, payment link which can be shared online, on email, via social media platforms.
  • Does who I bank with make a difference?
  • Do my customers need to install the fumopay app?
    As long as your customer has online banking setup they can pay online or on their device without downloading the fumo app. However, if they have the fumopay app it makes it even simpler.
  • What benefit does the customer get from downloading the fumo app?
    The fumo app does more than just pay for shopping! It is also helps the user send and pay money with friends, family & groups. Split bills and track payments.
  • How secure is fumopay?
    VERY, fumopay uses open banking not the card schemes to make payments. For the customer, fumo uses the biometric security online or on their device to authorise payment. For the merchant, you know that payments are coming direct from the customer to their bank account.
  • How quickly will I get the funds?
    fumopay does not hold onto your money at all – all funds go direct from your customer to your business account – instantly as a faster payment!
  • How much does fumopay merchant cost?
    Our starting fee is 1% of the transaction fee but we guarantee to be 40% cheaper than conventional payment services, see pricing comparison table. If you have negotiated rates, then give us the opportunity to beat them.
  • Why is it so much cheaper than traditional alternatives?
    fumopay is an innovative payment platform using open banking. As we do not rely on the card schemes, we cut out the middleman and therefore pass the savings onto the merchant. We also don’t hold merchant money but instead move the money directly from the customer’s bank into your bank. fumopay is committed to support businesses with faster, lower costs payments.
  • Does the customer need to present their bank card?
    No! fumopay doesn’t use cards at all, only online banking so no cards are required. Which means less plastic (we hope) and no card fraud.
  • What if my customer doesn’t use online banking, can they still pay by fumopay?
    Sorry, no. The only requirement on the customer side is they have access to their bank account via their mobile app or online. There are a few banks that are dinosaurs and don’t yet support open banking.
  • Is my money at risk with fumopay?
    Never! fumopay is registered and regulated by the FCA as an Authorised Payment Institution– as importantly neither your customers money nor your money is ever held onto or accessed by fumopay. It is not paid to us but direct from your customer to your business account.
  • Can someone else pay my customer’s bill?
    Yes! The QR code or online link can be used by anybody to make payment to your business account. Parents, friends or family can pay on someone else’s behalf if they want to.
  • Can I continue to take card payments?
    Yes, fumopay is an additional payment method, so depending on your business, many merchants will continue to use multiple payment methods.
  • How do my client’s sign-up to fumopay?
    Your clients can sign-up to fumopay using our standard sign-up link. You will be issued with a referral code when you become a fumopay Partner, so be sure to provide this to your clients and ask them to use the code when prompted in the sign-up process.
  • How are my clients billed for fumopay?
    Upon signing up your client will receive an invoice for their 12 month license

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