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We are an innovative and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulated organisation specialising in mobile-first, Pay by Bank solutions. We offer two distinct platforms, one for businesses and one for consumers, to cater to their specific needs. Both platforms are based on Open Banking principles and work directly in conjunction with banking apps, allowing immediate payment authorisation with no risk of data or card fraud.

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for Business 

fumopay is an account-to-account payment platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transactions for businesses. Replacing card payments (and their associated fees), the platform was built with the express objective of expediting payments and improving cash flow by avoiding the crippling damage caused by late payments. 


Unlike many of our competitors, fumopay does not rely on 3rd party services; we securely manage payments directly with your bank.

Fumopay Logo

for Consumers 

fumo is a free social payment app that allows users to borrow and lend money easily, split bills, and share costs with friends, family, and groups. It integrates with the user's banking app, enabling account-to-account payments without the need to share data or switch banks. The app provides transparency in tracking who owes what and when payments are due, it also includes an option to send reminders for reimbursement. fumo’s functionality is designed to make handling financial transactions with the user's social circle simple and convenient, ultimately lessening the need for costly bank loans and bettering the individual’s personal financial well-being.

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Our ethos

At fumopay, our mission is to simplify and enhance the financial experiences of its customers through payment innovation. Open Banking, with its emphasis on transparency and ease of use, is benefiting both consumers and businesses and is  ultimately contributing to the overall improvement of financial wellbeing within our society.

Our commitment to community-driven growth, demonstrates our dedication to customer satisfaction with a broader vision of contributing positively to the financial health of our community.


We continue to innovate and forge partnerships, maintaining transparency, security, and user-friendly interfaces as we evolve with the trends in financial technology. Our ambition will always be to positively impact the financial health of our users.

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