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About us...

We are an innovative and FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) approved organisation specialising in mobile-first, Pay by Bank transactions. We offer two distinct platforms, one for businesses and one for consumers, in order to cater to their specific needs. Both platforms are based on Open Banking principles and work directly in conjunction with banking apps, allowing immediate payment authorisation with no risk of data or card fraud.


for business 

fumopay is an account-to-account payment platform specifically designed to improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of transactions for businesses. Replacing card payments (and their associated fees) the platform was built with the express objective of expediting payments and improving cash-flow by avoiding the crippling damage caused by late payments. 


Unlike many of our competitors, fumopay does not rely on 3rd party services; we securely manage payments directly with your bank.


for social 

fumo is a free social payment app that allows users to easily borrow and lend money, split bills and share costs with friends, family and groups. It integrates with the user's banking app, enabling account-to-account payments without the need to share data or switch banks.


The app provides transparency in tracking who owes what, and when payments are due, it also includes an option to send reminders for reimbursement. fumo’s functionality is designed to make handling financial transactions with the user's social circle simple and convenient, ultimately lessening the need for costly bank loans and bettering the individual’s personal financial wellbeing.


Our ethos

At fumopay we’re driven to bring simplicity and efficiency to our customers through payment innovation. The opportunity to transform and improve people’s lives through initiatives like open banking allow fumopay to really bring those benefits into the daily lives of our customers. 

Our story

At fumopay we’re driven by a sense of responsibility to help improve our community through payment innovation.


Whether that's helping businesses get paid faster or how consumers manage their social finances. The financial institutions make it too easy to borrow money without making the consumer fully aware of the consequences, or indeed communicate any alternative options that might be in their better interests. 

At fumopay we aim to provide tools that give not only businesses but consumers an easier way of managing their social borrowing and lending - bringing simplicity to everyday money management tasks.

We want to help our community benefit from our platform - and the partnerships we foster - in order to help our ecosystem improve their financial wellbeing, for both consumer and businesses alike. This collaborative approach to help each other is what drives us at fumopay

fumo fumoshare fumopay are registered trademarks of fumopay Ltd 

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