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New HQ at Unity Place Brings Open Banking Community Together - fumopay

A building called unity place where fumopay has moved their HQ there

fumopay brings open banking innovation to the heart of Milton Keynes with its new home at Unity Place.

This landmark destination brings together all the values of the fumopay business; an ultra modern, sustainable and multi-purpose business hub, bringing together thriving communities of opinion formers from big corporations to entrepreneurs and sole traders.

The 'Unity Place' Open Banking Community

The main entrance of unity place building

This purpose-built and green work destination provides a facility that connects business and social vibrancy. Not only is it the new headquarters of Santander Bank, it's the cornerstone of the city’s evolution, bolstering local pride and aspirations.

With such complimentary culture and value propositions, this long awaited space puts the ‘Unity’ in ‘Community’. fumopay aims to educate this community as to the endless possibilities of how open banking can transform their businesses.

the cafeteria in unity place building
the building of unity place in milton keynes


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