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Full Power Utilities announces payment platform, fumopay, is to replace PayPal for payments

Updated: Mar 1

Full Power Utilities today announces the introduction of instant payment platform, fumopay, to replace PayPal, marking a significant shift towards modernising payment methods within the energy services framework.

FCA approved modern payment solution,  fumopay, is an instant, account-2-account payment platform that leverages the principles of Open Banking to facilitate immediate account-2-account payments. The payment services required an integration into the Full Power ERP platform of FuseMetrix  to allow the auto generation of invoices and payment requests that could be settled by the payer.

As an established, independent energy consultancy, Full Power offers competitive procurement for any SME, Mid-Market and Corporate businesses and are recognised in the industry as ‘Premier’ Brokers, meaning their position demands the need to offer a payment capability that is fast and easy to use in order to facilitate instant settlements.

The ease - and security - of fumopay's payment system will significantly improve the client experience. This is especially important in the energy sector, where trust and reliability are paramount.

This move showcases Full Power Utilities' commitment to not only offer competitive procurement but also leads in adopting modern business payment practices. This move aligns with the evolving financial ecosystem and Full Power Utilities’ commitment to innovation and efficiency. This transition is not just about changing payment processors; it's about embracing a future where payments are faster, more secure, and integrated directly with customers' banking systems.

fumopay provides Full Power Utilities with new payment solutions

We were using PayPal to receive a volume of payments and to be frank it was a real pain for our accounting team.  With fumopay the whole process is so much simpler and faster.  The integration to our ERP solution, FuseMetrix means invoices have all the information required for someone to make the payment quickly, from a simple click.  The team at fumopay have been really supportive getting this all set up for us.

Paul Smith, Full Power Utilities CEO

We’re really excited to bring Full Power Utilities onboard as a client allowing us to demonstrate the benefits of Pay by Bank account-2-account payments within the utilities sector, along with another ERP integration to the FuseMetrix ERP platform allowing their customers the ability to quickly set-up and accept Pay by Bank

Kevin Ludford, CEO & Founder, fumopay 


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