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fumopay Shortlisted for Hustle Awards

fumopay Shortlisted for Hustle Awards

fumopay is thrilled to announce that it has been shortlisted for yet another award for innovation! Alongside being recognised for ‘Financial Technology start up’, they can now add ‘Social Impact Hero’ to its rising list of nominations.

This recognition is incredibly meaningful to fumopay as it was born with a very real social purpose; to help both businesses and consumers improve their cashflow, reduce processing fees, slow mounting debt and decrease fraud.

By using innovation through Open Banking, fumopay promises improved financial wellbeing by providing a frictionless payment platform for everyone – a very deserved nominee for social impact hero indeed!

“The Hustle Awards are here to celebrate all the founders, co-founders and team members that have disrupted, impacted and taken a leap of faith with their business.”

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