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fumopay Announces XERO Integration

fumopay Announces XERO Integration

fumopay is excited to announce that XERO users can now get paid faster and save on their current payment fees when issuing their XERO invoices.

Stage one integration allows a XERO user to add fumopay as an additional - fast and efficient - payment method. Merchants can either embed their fumopay QR directly within the invoice which allows customers to simply scan an invoice to immediately settle their invoice, or go into their fumopay business console to add their custom XERO URL generated via fumopay, this custom URL then pre-populates the fumopay payment screen with the invoice value / number making it easier to for the payer to track the payment.

Stage two is a full XERO integration to complete the payment loop updating the XERO record once a payment is complete. This complete integration is due to be live in Q3 2022

Check out our "paying an invoice via XERO" video on our Youtube channel

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